Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Lazy Sunday...

It was a lazy summer and too hot and humid out to do much and I wasn't in the mood to model or paint, so me and my middle daughter pulled out my copy of the Wrath of Ashardalon.  The second of three of Dungeons  Dragons adventure board games, we quickly skimmed through the rules (because I hadn't played it yet), and sat down for our first adventure.  I played a Dragonborn Wizard and she chose the Elf Paladin.  It was suggested in the rules that we play the second adventure for our first game.  The goal was to kill 12 monsters to win.  To make a long story short, we cut down 7 before the Paladin succumbed to her wounds and we lost. 

As board games go, it was a lot of fun, with similar mechanics to the 4th edition DnD RPG.  Gameplay was fast and smooth once we got the hang of the phases of the turn.  Can't wait to play again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Space Wolf Painted

Here's my first Space Wolf HQ, Branek Stormhowler.  Young by Rune Priest standards, but a fierce warrior well on his way to creating his own saga.

I built this model from spare Space Wolf bits and the staff is made from a Grey Knight Warding Stave. I gave the armor a blue tinge in the tradition of standard Space Marine Librarians.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Plan

A brief glance at my starting army list shows an obvious lack of experience and imagination, but I assure you that in the future, as the army/collection develops, there will be changes.  The plan is to shift some models to other units to make room for models with upgrades such as Mark of the Wulfen and/or Wolf Standard, etc.  I'd also like to base the fluff off of the codex background and make each model as unique as possible: a true collection.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting Started with 6th Edition

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going with Space Wolves for 6th edition.  Now for all intents and purposes, I am a complete amateur and my army lists will reflect that.  But I am not a competitive player in terms of having to win.  I play for the fun of the game and getting away from the chaos of every day life.  So my first list will be around 700 points and was created based on models that I was able to acquire cheaply or already had on hand.

Rune Priest - wolftooth necklace, saga of the warrior born (145)

Dreadnought - multi-melta, stormbolter, close combat arm (105)

10 Grey Hunters - power fist, melta gun x2 (180)
10 Grey Hunters - power fist, melta gun x2 (180)

Predator - autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons, h/k (95)

705 points

Again, not much in the way of firepower or anti-tank, but I pretty much have to learn this game all over again, so I'm choosing this as a starting point and take it through it's paces before deciding my next steps or investing any more money on an army that I'm not having any fun with.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My New 6th Edition Army

I've decided that my new army for 6th Edition will be Space Wolves.  I've always wanted to do this, but never really got this project off the ground. I'm going to start small at about 750 - 1k and build out from there. Over the next week, I'll work up a list, get some models and start building/painting.  My Grey Knights will be moved to an Allied support unit consisting of a couple of squads.  I'd like to add some Imperial Guard units later on down the line.

To test drive the new psyker cards, I think my initial HQ will have to be a Rune Priest. Should be fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

I picked up the 6th Edition Rulebook yesterday morning.  Dang, is this book heavy! I wanted to grab a set of the new vehicle markers as well as the objective markers, but I was told that the release got pushed back for some reason or another.  I took a look at the new templates and the tape measure, but wasn't very impressed, so I passed on those. 

Anyway, I thumbed through the book and did like the layout, a disappointment that I'd like to share is the miniatures gallery.  It seemed to me that they were all pretty much re-printed images from the various codices. For me, one of the most appealing aspects of the game is the visual part - fantastically painted models, so I'm a bit disappointed about that part, but otherwise a nice-looking book.

Now I'm going to set about reading AND mastering the rules so stay tuned.