Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Fresh Start!

It seems that my old blog, Kantor Base has run it's course. I haven't seen a new follower in months, and truth be told - I have severely neglected the blog. Shame on me. I could cite dozens of excuses, but none of them would justify that kind of neglect. So, I've decided to start anew, here in Hammer's Hall. The first step was, of course to start this blog. The next step is to decide what type(s) of content will appear, going forward. For that, I'll have to contemplate on the various aspects of my life and select which elements to share with the masses. Most certainly, this will include wargaming. I love wargaming.

The final and most difficult step will be to make the commitment to consistently post to the Hall. Which I guess, begs the question: How often will I post to the blog? I have what many would consider a very busy life. I'm a father of three and it seems that there are not enough hours in a day, but I have recently promised myself that I would start making a little more time for myself. With all girls in my house, there is little room for the manly art of wargaming, so I will probably being pursuing this more outside the confines of my home. But I also mean to share my adventures through wargaming with everyone. So, in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years, I will be posting my experiences here.


  1. Love the new blog! Will add you to my blog roll!


  2. Thanks! Just checked out your blog. Amazing paint work, I've also added yours to my blog roll!