Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Had another busy weekend, filled with kids sports and family, but I did sneak out very early on Saturday morning to catch a glimpse of the forces gathered for Adepticon.  I'm lucky enough to live on the southwest side of Chicago and I'm about 25 minutes from the Westin Hotel where the event was being held.  I'm not a power gamer (nor a competitive one for that matter), choosing instead to play for pure enjoyment and relishing the visual aspect of tabletop wargaming, so I grabbed a camera and headed out. I haven't sifted through all of the pics yet, but I'll have them up this week.  But as always, I enjoyed every second.

I started working on my Aurora Chapter army, getting a Tactical Squad put together. I'm beginning with a Space Marine battleforce, a Predator and a SM Commander's kit and then go from there. This army is made up of what I had laying around the house after the spring clean up in my work area.  I could not believe all of the unused kits that I had. 

I think this time around, I'll get the first part of the army built and start playing (painting as I go).  While I detest playing with an unpainted army, if I wait until all my models were painted, I'd never get beyond a combat patrol list.  My goal here is to get back into gaming as quickly as possible. The first phase of the list will be something like this:

SM Captain
10-man Tac Squad
5-man Tac Squad
Rhino Transport
5-man Assault Squad
5-man Scout Squad

I'll work out the details and best weapons load outs as I go along.  The upside is the work week has started and that's when I get most of my modeling/painting done.  I use that as way to maintain my sanity as I battle through the everyday labors of life.

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