Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Goodies

Not much in the way of gaming, but I made it out to the nearest GW store to grab my copy of White Dwarf today and also stopped at my local Comic Store to pick up some comics and found the latest Heroclix Starter Set, The Avengers.  Based on the upcoming movie, I, like many others am swiftly getting caught up in superhero fever, so I bought it.  I always enjoyed the game of Heroclix.  It's a fun, fast-paced and simple tabletop game to play  that's portable (took a Green Lantern version on vacation a couple years back).  This starter set comes with the most updated rules, dice, 6 figures and full-color battle maps.  The new set contains 42 figures that are comprised of characters from all of the recent Marvel movies (Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man).  Looking forward to collecting these and playing a few games.

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