Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Legion Of The Damned

Just finished Legion of the Damned the other night (Space Marine Battles Novel series), and I have to honestly say that for me, this book was a big disappointment.  I had a hard time getting into Excoriators Chapter.  I've never heard of them and it seems that they were only created for this book.  Somehow, I didn't sense that they fit into the Warhammer 40k universe.  I also was disappointed with how little of the Legion was actually in the book.  I'll keep it on the shelf because it's a part of the series, but I wouldn't read this one again. 

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  1. the Excoriators were actually first mentioned in Codex: Eye of Terror, published in 2003, as one of the 20 chapters created to keep watch over the Eye of Terror. to be fair, i don't believe they have been mentioned elsewhere until this book